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Is Auto Blogging Really Content Stealing?

Posted on May 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

I set out to write this article about auto blogging because I have seen so many articles about auto blogging that criticize it. Some compare it to stealing because it relies on other sources of published content for its content.

The argument put forward by people who claim auto blogging is stealing is that because it uses a plugin and RSS feeds to grab content from other sites and posts them on your blog you are stealing the content.

These people who say it is stealing argue that they took their time to write quality articles and they want the articles to appear only on particular websites.

They seem to think that most websites apart from their own are of poor quality and does not deserve having their carefully written high quality article on such websites.

My question relating to this specific accusation is, can you really call this stealing. I mean what is the purpose of providing an RSS feed on your website if you do not want your content to be republished anywhere else?

RSS feeds are meant to make it easier for publishers to syndicate content automatically to other sites. Readers and site owners who are interested in the article and future updates will subscribe to future updates through the RSS Feeds. Anytime there is new information the content is published automatically on the subscriber’s website.

My question is, knowing what RSS feeds does, if you don’t want your content to appear on other websites why provide an RSS feed on your website.

People who make this accusation that auto blogging is stealing quite often look it from a very narrow perspective. They seem to forget there are many content publishers out there who want to syndicate their content to other websites. It is therefore over generalization to claim auto blogging is stealing.

Furthermore, there are content networks purposefully set up to provide free content to websites. These are content networks set up to provide backlinking services to website owners and therefore need their content to be syndicated to as many websites as possible. These content websites go as far as trying to provide unique content to website owners through article rewriting and spinning.

The main purpose of using such content networks is to generate traffic to your website either through the articles provided by the content networks or using the backlinking service.

Considering the above scenarios, it will be wrong to assume that all auto blogging is stealing.

Auto blogging certainly plays a role in generating income online by setting and forgetting it. Done properly it is the easiest way to make money online and it is not stealing content.