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Auto Blogs: Why Real Online Businesses Need To Seriously Fear Auto Blogs

Posted on May 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

If you run a business online, you must avoid auto blogs at all costs.

After decades as a Madison Avenue Copywriter/Creative Director, I heard about auto blogs and was instantly (probably like you) enthralled at the idea. To be able to have all of this automation happening USING MY BEST KEYWORDS seemed like a dream…until one day the bubble burst.

Auto blogs basically use sophisticated plug-ins to go out onto the web every day and find content that matches the keywords that you ask it to mirror.

This content is usually in the form of articles and YouTube posts and Yahoo Answers and blog comments. And while the idea of auto blogging seems incredibly attractive, if you get into it in a large way, you are putting your business at risk in the eyes of Google…and that is not where you want to be.

Like many others who seek to monetize the web, this new system made incredible sense to me at first. Rather than write all the content which is incredibly time-consuming, I would just ask the software to find info that would keep my blog fresh and updated.

Little did I know just how quickly the mighty Google can see these things happening and find new software that shuts them down quickly. And that is essentially the real problem here….if an auto based software can be created, Google can hear about it and shut it down.

It is a complete disaster for a small business to fall into this trap and to lose the search traffic it is getting if it suddenly subscribes to some of these new automated blogging software pieces.

Search engine traffic is by far, the best traffic your business will ever get, and to lose it by moving to the newest push button software could be potentially fatal for your online business.

Please be ultra careful when looking into these auto blogs that will supposedly revolutionize your business online. They will for a moment, and then won’t for a lifetime.